Reliable Audit Firm in Dubai

Audit and Assurance Services in Dubai – UAE

MA delivers quality audit and assurance services in Dubai and foreign statutory audits in Dubai based on a comprehensive understanding of each client’s business. Our advanced accounting management process facilitates a more effective audit process and enables our auditors in Dubai to provide deeper insight into higher-risk areas and technical standards. We improve the accounting system of the companies in UAE.

MA provides audit and validation services and business advice to assist owners, shareholders and managers in making sound business decisions to meet their objectives. This is conducted by auditing the financial statements of a company, government, individual, or any other legal entity which is independent of the entity being audited.

IFRS reporting:

IFRS is the common global financial reporting language. The benefits of IFRS and US GAAP can go far beyond merely fulfilling one’s regulatory or legal obligations. IFRS can serve as the basis for information systems that help management allocate capital and maximize profitability.

With very professional and experienced auditors in Dubai, we can prepare:

  • Individual and consolidated financial reports in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Managerial reports tailored to individual company needs.

Audits, whether internal or external, comply with a standard procedure based on UAE laws, rules, regulations and accurate and reliable reports. The ensuing defines the general process for an external financial audit and what you need to identify.

We are registered, external auditors in Dubai and growing auditing company in Dubai.

External Audit

An external audit takes place once a year and the purpose is to judge the company’s performance and to see if the company is acting according to certain accepted standards. All the accounts records have been scrutinized to make sure there are no discrepancies in the company’s financial statement which are the main concerns for investors and regulatory prerequisites.

External auditing companies in Dubai are alleged to provide elaborated, precise and impartial information about the financial conditions of their clients. It is usually done by Certified Public Accounting CPA firms. Most SME’s in UAE hire auditors in Dubai to examine financial statement accuracy.

Internal Audit

Businesses in UAE requires to hire a certified internal auditor or experienced accounting professional to perform their Internal Audits. Small businesses usually outsource their accounting department to fulfil their accounting and tax needs by employing a full time experienced accountant can be costly for them. The purpose of audit service in Dubai or an internal audit is to provide business management with a clear path for their productivity and business growth. Through auditing firms in Dubai, companies can identify the weaknesses and the loopholes in the business management process and suggest the changes accordingly. Many business managers and owners count on best audit firms in Dubai or certified top auditors in Dubai to have a clear understanding of how the different departments and divisions are performing.

Why SME’s Hire Auditors?

Because of industry regulations many small-medium enterprises required to do internal and external audits. Some companies want to secure a business loan from the banks for that they need positive audit opinion. Concerns about employee theft and suspected fraud are also the strong reasons for companies to hire an audit and assurance firm for their respective concerns.